Speed Traps

Morrison, Colorado has the reputation for being a speed trap. Nonetheless, despite its well known reputation, it’s a fair guess that the majority of its revenue still comes from traffic violations. Most smaller municipalities are highly dependent on traffic ticket income. It’s the way it is in America. If you haven’t caught on to this by now, then you need to get out more. See our WebsiteTraffic

This morning while driving up North Turkey Creek Canyon in Morrison, I passed a limousine that had been pulled over, presumably for speeding. The passengers, undoubtedly not pleased, and the driver may lose his job. Life on the road. Supposedly there is no discrimination, and you rarely see a limo pulled over. However, being a professional driver he should know his stuff, and understand that he if he fights his case, he’s likely to walk with the ticket getting dismissed or at the least a reduction in fine and points. There are ways to get that ticket thrown out. The odds of getting the ticket dismissed are in the favor of the driver.

Just because you’ve received a ticket doesn’t mean you are automatically guilty. Here are 6 things to know when dealing with Traffic Court.

1. When possible do not send a fine in by mail – for any traffic violation that will give you points. If you have a choice to mail in a fine, or show up in Court, it’s a must to show up in person. By fighting for your cause in person, the Court will see you have a sincere interest in respecting the Law. Mailing in a fine for any traffic offense automatically puts the guilt on you. Points are levied without contest.
2. Be prepared with the right questions. Write them out beforehand so you don’t miss anything. It would be easy to forget important points without notes, since it’s only natural to have a little case of nerves.
3. Attack the evidence, not the police officer. There are small procedures that are often overlooked when a ticket is given. Some officers forget to fill in a blank or wrongly date a ticket, or mistakenly put down misinformation. All of these minor things can get a ticket dismissed.
4. You have more to lose than just money. If you are proven guilty your insurance premiums will take a hit. Over a period of years, until the offense is rendered null and void, the surcharge on your insurance could add up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
5. You could lose your job. Making this a substantial point to the Judge is key. Loosing your job depends on the type of work you do, but if it involves a motor vehicle you could be in trouble. Also consider when looking for future employment. If a position requires you to drive a vehicle your chances of landing the position could be in doubt. Potential employers will do a background check and if your record shows – especially, a moving violation, don’t even bother to apply. You would be seen as a liability.
6. Be prepared and have a professional attitude. You can’t count on a dismissal, but by being prepared, you are at the least, likely to get a reduced fine and points.Responsible driving

There are a number of coaching resources to draw from on how to get traffic offenses dismissed, but stay real. Just don’t drive irresponsibly. Even having the best legal counsel doesn’t justify putting anyone in harms ways.

Stay safe out there. Leave a comment below.

Residential Bee Control

Bee Control: Make Your Home Safer

It’s never a good situation that makes you call in an exterminator. If you just find a few ants here and there, you buy the spray and the traps, and you’re done. So, when you find yourself flipping through the phone book for a professional pest killer, chances are you’re feeling next to overrun. And the pests might be annoying, gross, creepy, bothersome pests. Or, they might actually be dangerous, like termites or bees. Unlike ants or the cockroach, bees sting, and that can be especially bad if you’re allergic. The worst case scenario? You don’t even know you’re allergic until you get stung. Your home should be a haven of comfort and safety. You shouldn’t have to worry about always looking around when in your yard or on your deck, worrying you’ll get stung. And if you have kids, the situation just became ten times worse. Every time they go to play outside, they could get hurt. It’s time for those bees to go.Bee Control

What is Bee Control?

Bee control is a specific service offered by pest exterminators. These extermination companies will handle everything from rats, raccoons, and mice to bees, roaches, and termites – and any kind of nuisance in between. The process your exterminator uses is effective in both solving the problem and in preventing the problem from occurring again. Their chemicals, which are safe and low in toxicity, not only kill the existing pests, but they also prevent the pests from returning. Today, chemicals are so much safer and less intrusive that you don’t have to worry about leaving your home for hours like you used to when the exterminator came. Especially with a pest like bees, it’s imperative to call in a professional. You do not want to be trying to remove a hive on your own. The exterminators are specially trained and certified for not only the detailed chemical application and preventative measures, but they are also armed with the right type of equipment and protection. Bee control is a careful and detailed process that only a trusted extermination company can perform. You may want to talk to a few companies before you make your decision. You want those bees gone as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

The exterminators will do inspections, check up on your home to make sure everything is still under control and there are no resurgences of pests, and there are often even packages available if you need them to come more than one time. If your problem is severe, sometimes regular visits will be scheduled. With pests like bees or wasps, you’ll at least want a check-up after the initial visit, because you don’t want to be surprised when you’re outside one day.

Who needs bee control?

If you have bees, it’s time to get rid of them. As simple as that. Bees sting. They can cause pain, and more if allergies are involved. And removing bees is not just something you can walk out and do. This is definitely a job for a professional. Guaranteed, you do not have the right equipment or protection to grab a bee hive and get rid of it. So, what have we learned? If you have bees: call the exterminator.

What are the benefits of bee control?

Exterminators are prompt and reliable. A problem like bee infestation is an emergency, because of the danger bees pose. So, if you call an exterminator with a bee problem, they will quickly schedule an inspection, usually obligation free. That means if you want a second opinion, go right ahead, no strings attached. A professional will come assess your situation so he or she can decide how it will best be treated. Quickly and promptly again, a return visit will be scheduled to take care of those bees once and for all. Even after the bees have been gotten rid of, your extermination company will check up on you and make sure there has been no return of the bees. Basically by getting in touch with an exterminator, you’re ensuring a professional will be making sure you don’t have this problem again.

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