Haunting Pictures of Jersey Shore

Haunting Pictures of Jersey Shore

Mark Haven is a passionate photographer. He always has a special place in his heart for Wildwood, New Jersey. He visits the resort town with his family. It was a tradition practiced in his family. He would travel during hot summers to Wildwood, New Jersey.

Wildwood is famous for lifelong memories, legendary boardwalk and beautiful beaches. North Wildwood, Wildwood Crest and Wildwood are three fabulous towns of Southern New Jersey. It has large range of shopping venues, attractions, outdoor fun, historical sights and restaurants. It draws people from various parts of the world. It remains attractive for all generations. The Wildwood is popular for its traditional or retro style motels. Most of them are attached to the enormous beach.

The motels were constructed during the 1950’s period. It is highly popular in the last two decades. It was said that more than two hundred motels were lined along the roads. Haven told that he had grown up seeing the motels as background on his summer vacation. He told that he saw for several years or for long time he could remember. It looks huge and immovable as mountains. He did not expect the hotel to vanish in quick time. He mentioned that it looked like magic to see the place without old century motels.

Though there are few motels left in Wildwood, most of them have been demolished. As there not making much profits they were demolished in the last couple of years. Some motels have been converted into more modern hotels and condos.

Haven feel that those century old motels should be preserved as they are treasures of Wildwood. As time passes, the left over few motels can even get demolished. Wildwood was once famous for those motels. Most people visiting the city ensure to spend a day or two in those motels. As they were close to beach, it offered a perfect ambiance to the travelers.