Attack in University of California, Los Angeles

Attack in University of California, Los Angeles

Police officers rushed to the University of California after hearing gun shots. They were worried whether it could be an active shooter on the campus. They were surprised to discover controlled murder-suicide. A gunman was trying to kill his former professor. There was a note requesting the police authorities to verify the cat of gunman that was almost 2,000 miles away. It was a clean planned attack. The note helped the police officers to trace a violent and unusual plan. The police officer discovered on Thursday that the kill list included a woman. She was seen dead outside Minneapolis. The Los Angeles Police Department Chief – Charlie Beck that it was found in the Minnesota home of the shooter.

Mainak Sarkar, who is 38 years old, is the gunman believed by the police. He has traveled to the University of California, Los Angeles with a grudge on Wednesday. He was in terrific anger against William Klug. He is an engineering professor who is 39 years old. He chaired mechanical engineering doctoral thesis committee three years ago. It was also said that Sarkar was carrying extra ammunition and two semi-automatic pistols with an intention to kill another University of California, Los Angeles professor who is still not known. He was the third person on his list. When Sarkar arrived, the professor was outside the campus.

The gunman went to the fourth floor and had reached Klug’s office in the engineering building. He has shot Klug, who is a father of two kids and husband. Beck said he easily shot him dead. The police arrived immediately hearing the gun shot. They followed the note mentioned by Beck and found another person dead as listed.

They found a name of woman mentioned in the list. When the officers went to her home, she was found dead. She was seen with gunshot wound.

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Google Play Music Stays Ahead of Pandora and Spotify


When you see the Google Play App, you will feel surprised to see everything you want. Most people think that Spotify is the best app than others in the trend. Well, it is true to a certain extent.

The Swedish company purchased the Echo Nest two years ago that is in 2014. The company was up against Apple and Google’s digital superpowers. It specialized in certain things like internet buzz and computer study of acoustics. It is cool to see those things in such a big company. Discover Weekly is a popular playlist feature that can be personalized in the Spotify. It is not different from customized radio. One of the employees working in Spotify commented that it did not have substantial data as compared to Google and Apple.

Anyone can easily personalize Play Music. Though there are several music apps, Play Music is the one that alters according to your habits and tastes. It is nice to open and use the app. It predicts moments that are relevant to you. Play Music has superb user interface. You can try several stations and albums if you do not prefer contextual recommendations mentioned. Though other services offer several features, no one like Play Music can make a well organized and elegant app.

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Pandora: Popular Music Streaming Service Gets Back to Roots

Pandora: Popular Music Streaming Service Gets Back to Roots

Pandora Radio or Pandora Internet Radio is an automated music recommendation and music streaming service. It has decided to step the future with Tim Westergren who is a co-founded as CEO. Pandora radio is popular among 81 million people. The new strategy was not welcomed by the Wall Street. It was decided because of drop in stock market. It has dropped more than 10%. It is facing stiff competition from top companies like Inc, Alphabet Inc’s Google and Apple Inc. Pandora did not make profit since 2011. It was the time it started to offer shares to the public.

Pandora has decided to concentrate on technology. Analysts told that it was best to move and prosper with Westergren’s efforts. Pandora has aimed to improve by collecting data by tracking listening habits of the users and taxonomy. It will help to improve its discovery services and music recommendation.

Western mentioned in an interview that they require an evangelist. He added that the founded had certain association to the company. He accepted that it was in his bones.

The data science team of Pandora consists of more than thirty members.
Thumbprint Radio is the latest feature introduced in December. The users can personalize their songs by giving a thumbs up.